Distributions in the economy

For the longest of time, I could not understand why there was recession in any country. My thought was that “since money is usually printed, the government should print more.” I just could not fathom why a solution was not proffered. But as I grew older and I got to understand the economy better, I realized that an increment in the production of money would bring about inflation, and that is another economic crisis on its own. I realized that if more money is produced, the people handling the major amount of money then will still be the people handling the newly printed money.

What to blame for economic recession

A lot of people would go to any length to look for things to blame the recession on, either an event, a government policy or people’s decision, but let’s not deceive ourselves, there has been a fall in the economy of some countries for years now. It is a steady decline. It did not just happen all of a sudden. There were signs all along, but most people did not see it. It was the people that caught a glimpse of it that positioned themselves for it that appears to be making the money. You really don’t get rich by saving. No matter how much you save, sometimes it takes just one event to empty it all. Simply put, no one gets rich by saving.

Investment: key for economic sustainability

No matter how much you save, there is a limit to how long the money would last if you don’t invest it or use it to sustain yourself till you are able to pick up yourself and be the man you want to be. You too can control the sectors.
From the look of things in some countries, the economy is not about to get better. Just take time out to study the movement of the economy and you will know where it is headed and what you must do to stay relevant.

How not to enter into a relationship

In these period where marriage seems to be the happening thing. Almost everywhere you turn to, there is a marriage, a proposal or even just two people hanging out with each other and going on dates. These things are beautiful to watch and sooner or later, if you don’t fall into any of that category you will long for it. Some tips on how not to enter a relationship I will start by saying never get into a relationship because you feel like it or because the people around you are in one. That is the greatest recipe for heartbreak. You may be under pressure to be in a relationship if you have frie... Learn more...

Effect of technology

The introduction of technology into our everyday living has been amazing and very helpful. Looking back a couple of years, we will see that technology has really brought improvement to our everyday life, our businesses and our quality of life. Here, we will focus majorly on the effect that technology has had on education. Education is one of the major sectors in any country, although it is better esteemed in some countries compared to others, but its importance cannot be overlooked. Technology and its impact on human life In this era that the economy and the people in it are just starting to... Learn more...

Breaking free from sedentary living

Almost everybody is interested in living a relaxed, no stress and no rush life. Wake up in the morning, have breakfast in bed as you turn on the television and relax till you fall asleep again, but it almost never happens because you have to wake up each day to make money, with the hope that one day in the nearest future you will be able to play out your dreams. Effective exercise for healthy living In as much as the plan sounds good, it does not guarantee a healthy living. Instead, it takes you steps closer to some health related diseases and then to death. The general belief is to work hard... Learn more...

Education and some of its major challenges

Have you ever thought about the fact that there are certain countries and continents that seems to be suffering from lack of education. Africa and a part of Asia appears to be the two major continents affected by it. There are many reasons that are responsible for this lack of education. Factors responsible for lack of education in Africa Looking at it traditionally, Africa happens to be one of the continents that holds fast to their traditions and beliefs. In as much as that is a good trait, it can also be a factor hindering the growth and development of those nations. Irrespective of all the... Learn more...